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trite adj : repeated too often; overfamiliar through overuse; "bromidic sermons"; "his remarks were trite and commonplace"; "hackneyed phrases"; "a stock answer"; "repeating threadbare jokes"; "parroting some timeworn axiom"; "the trite metaphor `hard as nails'" [syn: banal, commonplace, hackneyed, old-hat, shopworn, stock(a), threadbare, timeworn, tired, well-worn]

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from the Latin tritus, a form of the verb terere, to rub or wear.



  1. Worn out; hackneyed; used so many times that it is no longer interesting or effective (often in reference to a word or phrase.)


worn out; hackneyed; used so many times that it is no longer interesting or effective

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  1. a denomination of coinage in ancient Greece equivalent to one third of a stater.

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Trite is a spider genus of the Salticidae family (jumping spiders). Most of the 18 described species occur in Australia and New Zealand, with several spread over islands of Oceania, one species even reaching Rapa.


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airy, asinine, automatic, back-number, banal, bathetic, beaten, bedridden, bewhiskered, bromidic, catchpenny, chain, cliche, cliched, common, commonly known, commonplace, constant, corny, current, cut-and-dried, drained, dull, empty, exhausted, fade, familiar, fatuous, flat, flimsy, foolish, frequent, fribble, fribbling, frivolous, frothy, fusty, futile, habitual, hack, hackney, hackneyed, household, idle, inane, jejune, light, mildewed, moth-eaten, musty, notorious, nugacious, nugatory, old hat, ordinary, otiose, overworked, persistent, platitudinous, prosaic, proverbial, public, ready-made, recurrent, recurring, regular, repetitive, routine, set, shallow, shopworn, silly, slender, slight, square, stale, stereotyped, stock, superficial, talked-about, talked-of, threadbare, timeworn, tired, trifling, trivial, truistic, twice-told, universally admitted, universally recognized, unoriginal, used up, vacuous, vain, vapid, warmed-over, well-kenned, well-known, well-recognized, well-trodden, well-understood, well-worn, widely known, windy, worn, worn thin, worn-out
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